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Advertising in FAQs

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Looking for ways to advertise in We offer highly effective and competitively priced banners that can help you reach tens of thousands of people across the globe.

How much does it cost advertising in

There is a monthly rate for advertising in For the year 2018, the monthly rate is 277,00 euro for a banner in the front page of the main website (in English) and 216,00 euro for a banner in the Spanish version of This is the minimum rate for advertising on this website.

The cost is the same every year?

These prices are increased by a 2% every year.

Is there any discount if I get my banner for a year?

Yes, you can get a 20% discount if you contract a 1-year banner.

What is this money used for?

To pay hostings, maintenance, software updates, travels, expenses and writers.

OK, I want to put my banner. Which size should it have?

 The banner size has been recently updated and now it is 148X257 pixels.

Let's say I want to put a banner. Where is going to be placed?

   It will be placed on the right of your screen below the existing ones. 

I want to put my banner on the top of the rest of banners.

 In this case you will have to increase your offer, with a system of bids. The higher your bid the better your position on the website. The more online visibility your company gets, the more likely people within your industry will look to you for your products or services.

Could I check your stats?

Sure! Here you have.

I am in! How can I contact you?

Contact us now  here!

I have other ideas. Are you open to discuss other options?

Sure! Contact us here and tell us your proposal. We will be delighted to hear it.