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A successful Odour conference took place in Gdansk, Poland

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mko16   Around 60 people gathered for two days in Gdansk, Poland to discuss about issues related with odour management. The first International Odour Conference (MKO 2016) just took place last week and the interest shown by the attendants is a sample of the interest in this country to increase the knowledge on managing odours.

   The MKO2016 Conference was organized by the Environmental Odour Consulting in cooperation with two Polish universities-  Gdansk University of Technology and Wroclaw University of Technology. The event was sponsored by the companies Hornik, Olfasense, Perlan Technologies, Tigret, St. Croix Sensory, Inc and aurora Scientific. Many of these sponsors had a booth at the event. 

  The inauguration came from a member of the Polish cabinet of the Environmental Ministry for Infrastructure. After that, a presentation titled "Overview of odour legislation in selected countries of Europe, North America and Oceania" was presented.

   The program was divided in two days. The first day had a first session dealing with "odour policy, odour guidelines, legal aspects", a second session discussing "odour assessments methods: dynamic olfactometry, field inspections" and a third session about Odour Assessment Methods: Analytical Methods, Electronic Noses, Field Olfactometry and a last session about odour modelling.

   The second day started with a session about "Agriculture and Odours", following a practical session with several case studies in Waste Water treatment plants, Oil refineries and animal by-product (rendering) plants. The last sessions dealt with odour abatement methods and odours and Environment.

    For more info about this conference check their website here.

   A detailed Conference program in English can be downloaded here:  MKO2016-PROGRAM


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