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Scentroid OMCTS 1-2 November 2017 in Los Angeles, USA

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omcts 2017   The very active Canadian company Scentroid is organizing the II International odor management conference and technology showcase in Los Angeles. The event is scheduled for November 1st and 2nd, 2017 and it will take place in the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). The first edition took place in Toronto, Canada in September 2015 and according to the organizers it gathered speakers from Italy, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada and USA.

 This time this company is moving to LA to speak about odor management in a very different forum. The last edition in Toronto was a very successful one, that is why the organizers decided to start over with another event in the US. Please note that the name "conference" might lead to some confusion, and it has been chosen only for marketing purposes. In the last "conference" there was no scientific committee, nor peer review of the papers.

   The papers at that conference were selected according to the criteria of the organizer, which it may be fair but it is in any case subjective. Some of the talks kindly published by the company on their youtube channel are very interesting and worth watching.

   The call for abstracts is just open for people interested in traveling to LA, under the umbrella of the Canadian company Scentroid.

   For more info about this conference, here you have a few links.


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