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A successful Conference MKO 2017 in Krakow, Poland

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mko2017  Around 80 people gathered for two days in Krakow, Poland to discuss about issues related with odour management. The second International Odour Conference (MKO 2017) just took place last week and the interest shown by the attendants is a sample of the interest in this country to increase the knowledge on managing odours.

   The MKO2017 Conference was organized by Ms. Anna Bokowa Director of the Environmental Odour Consulting (EOC) in cooperation with the professor Izabela Sówka from the Wroclaw University of Technology. Both of them are very much involved in a better world with an adequate management of odours, there is no other explanation to spend hours and hours in organizing an event like this. The next Conference will take place in the Polish city of Wroclaw.

  The inauguration came from a member of the Polish cabinet of the Ministry of Environment. Later Mr. Ton van Harreveld, convenor of the CEN Working group 2 who happens to be everywhere, presented the last changes that will take place in the European Standard on olfactometry EN 13725.

   A summary of the work of 14 odour experts regarding an overview and evaluation of the Odour Regulations worldwide was presented by Ms, Bokowa and the editor of this website. Within this paper, Mr. Jean-Michel Guillot and Ms. Laura Capelli presented some interesting slides about the odour regulations in France and Italy, respectively. The chair of that session was Ms. Selena Sironi, who later presented the latest research in the field of odour sampling from passive area sources.

   Some very interesting topics were presented in this conference in several fields related to odour management. Dr. Martin Piringer presented an interesting paper on separation distances with gaussian and lagrangian models. Mr. Guillot presented the Wise Project. This project deals with new technologies for instrumental measurement of odorants (o-sensors). Ms. Bianca Milan also presented some preliminary results of the use of o-sensors (aka e-noses) in a farm.

  There were some very inspiring presentations from Ms. Sówka, Ms. Bokowa, Mr Sebastian Opaliński, Mr. Derek Webb, Mr. Frans Vossen and Mr. Motalebi, to name a few of the many presenters in this conference.

   The program was divided in two days and eight sessions. This event was supported by the companies Biorem as Diamond sponsor, Uniquair as Platinum sponsor and Schenck process, TIGRET, St. Croix Sensory, Inc and Perlan Technologies as Gold sponsors.

   All in all, we all enjoyed a very nice venue and we hope to meet up again soon in the next conference in the Polish city of Wroclaw.

   Meanwhile there are a couple of conferences more in Poland this year about odour management, but there is one not to be missing: the next 7th IWA Odours and Air Emissions Conference, that will take place from the 25th to the 27th of September 2017 in Warsaw.

    For more info about the MKO conference check their website here.

   A detailed Conference program in English can be downloaded here:  MKO2017-PROGRAM

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