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Sensenet: the new brand of Odournet for sensory analysis of products

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Sensenet    Odournet Group presents Sensenet, a new brand developed for the sensory evaluation of clients products. This new brand will be focused on sensory analysis and consumer testing, while Odournet will continue focusing on the environmental odour consultancy.

   Sensenet uses sensory techniques in combination with advanced molecular odour evaluation, unravelling the molecular structure of smell to create consumer solutions. This new brand develops sensory analysis, molecular odour analysis and consumer testing, to help remove bad smells and improve good ones.


   Sensenet will evaluate and assess odours and other sensory attributes of products & materials from all sectors: perfumery, cosmetics, food, plastics, textiles, automotive, chemicals, pharmaceuticals… Meanwhile, Odournet will remain dedicated to the environmental odours consultancy.

   For more info of this press release, visit Sensenet official website here.