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Available the presentations of the last Round Table on open issues in olfactory nuisance.

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roundtable 2   As you probably know, the Department of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Science of the University of Trieste organized a round table together with the Order of Chemists from the Italian region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia about  the state of the science and technologies and open issues in olfactory nuisances characterization and management.

   The organizers have distributed the slides of the presentations of the Round Table on open issues in olfactory nuisance that took place last February in Trieste, Italy in case anyone is interested.


   Relevant Italian experts such as Laura Capelli, Magda Brattoli, Andrea N. Rossi, or Ivano Bataglia presented some key concepts of odour management and the state of some relevant legislative texts in Italy. Also, Mr. van Harreveld, convenor of WG2 and WG41 presented some relevant aspects of the development of the standards. The session was chaired by Mr Pierluigi Barbieri.

   Download the slides presented at this conference here.

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