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7th VDI Conference. Odours in the environment 15-16 Nov. 2017, Nuremberg, Germany

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vdi nuremberg2017   The conference about Odours in the Environment organized by the German Association of Engineers (VDI) on a biannual basis will take place the 15th and 16th of November 2017 in the city of Nuremberg. This conference has taken place in Cologne (2004), Bad Kissingen (2007), Baden-Baden (2009, 2011 and 2013), Karlsruhe. (2015). This event serves as a a forum for local discussions in German language.

   The Program Committee is formed by very well known people in this field such as  Peter Boeker, (University of Bonn),  Ralf Both (State Agency for Nature, Environment and Consumer Protection NRW ( LANUV )), Isabelle Franzen - Reuter (VDI), Uwe Hartmann ( ANECO) and Heike Hauschildt (Olfasense GmbH). In addition it counts also on the help of Jörg Hellhammer (Haltern am See), Martin Kamp (Agriculture of North Rhine - Westphalia), Uwe Strotkötter (Work Inspection office Hildesheim) and Sascha Nehr (VDI).

A successful Conference MKO 2017 in Krakow, Poland

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mko2017  Around 80 people gathered for two days in Krakow, Poland to discuss about issues related with odour management. The second International Odour Conference (MKO 2017) just took place last week and the interest shown by the attendants is a sample of the interest in this country to increase the knowledge on managing odours.

   The MKO2017 Conference was organized by Ms. Anna Bokowa Director of the Environmental Odour Consulting (EOC) in cooperation with the professor Izabela Sówka from the Wroclaw University of Technology. Both of them are very much involved in a better world with an adequate management of odours, there is no other explanation to spend hours and hours in organizing an event like this. The next Conference will take place in the Polish city of Wroclaw.

A successful Odour Control Conference organized by Aqua Enviro.

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aquaenviro emissions 2016   Around 70 people with a common interest on odour management, gathered for the Emissions and Odour Control Conference in Leeds on 1 December 2016. This conference organized by the Aqua Enviro was sponsored by Silsoe Odours Ltd.

   Two senior Environment Agency odour experts started with presentations summarising the essentials needed to comply with EA Permitting. During 2 years from 2013 to 2015 of 33000 odour complaints were received about 20000 were from waste related sources. Landfill at 7000, MRF at 5200, composting at 4200 and anaerobic digestion 2800.