Strategy for managing odours in Chile

sesion01 caimanquep   On the second half of 2012, the Ministry of Environment (MMA) began the development of a Strategy for Managing Odour in Chile, which aims to strengthen the regulatory framework through measures in the short, medium and long term to quantify, control and prevent odour generation, addressing the issue management with a holistic approach.

   In this context, and as a result of a participatory work with different sectors, two key pillars for odour management were established in Chile:


  1. Strengthening the existing regulatory framework with rules that provide advanced odor control in priority sectors and at the same time allows generating the background to develop in the near future an environmental standard odour.
  2. Running parallel, increasing the knowledge and local capacity in this area.

   Thus, the paper aims to show the actions to be undertaken in the context of that strategy in the period of 2014 -2017, tending towards the development of a future odour environmental standard and to insert the odor management in the country’s environmental management.


 Read the full paper in Spanish here.





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