Dispersion Modelling

Here we display both a set of common dispersion models used in odour modeling and some Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) that makes the work with dispersion models easier.

Model's inclusion of links to this section does not imply any endorsement of the model proposed.

If your model is not listed here and has some specific treament for odours, please contact us and we will include a link to it. Please send us a short description.

We also show some consultancy firms that have experience working with dispersion modelling in case you need to calculate the odour impact of a plant.

This is a free service offered by olores.org.

ARIA Technologies
8-10 rue de la Ferme, , , 92100
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ARIA Technologies' expertise lies in two complementary approaches: design and development of computer-based simulation systems and consulting services.

CCYA Ingenieria
Bruselas 1050, ,
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Modeling of diffuse emissions and odors