Activated carbon, thermal oxidizers, adsorbers, covers, UV-Oxidation, etc.


Scrubbers, maskers, neutralisers, oxidation, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, nitrates, iron salts,


biofilters, biotricklings, Bioreactors, bioscrubbers, trickling filters, air diffusion bioreactors, etc
Website: Dorset
Short Description: Dorset offers you the biological air washer for air cleaning, removing unwanted ammonia, dust and odor. The principle of biological air cleaning is, that bacteria process the unwanted particles out of the air. There are no chemicals involved.
Image: thumb_imagen_dorset
Short Description: KLEAN is professional supplier for ESP(electrostatic precipitator) since 1992, and its ESP has sold to 63 countries and areas. Commercial application for all kinds of commercial kitchen and wide industrial application ensure its popularity.
Image: thumb_esp
Short Description: The company is part of the M Far group's three carbon companies and has over 17 years of experience in carbon Industry. It manufactures high grade Virgin and Impregnated Activated Carbon for air purification and odor removal processes from flue gase
Image: thumb_imagen_activechar
Website: Airprotech
Short Description: Airprotech is a leader company in the air cleaning field, specialized in manufacture technological plants for industrial processes. They offer several products for the treatment of odorous compounds such as adsorption and thermal oxydation processes
Image: thumb_imagen_airprotech
Short Description: Asseau S.A. is a Belgium enterprise with more than 30 years of experience. They provide activated carbon and equipement such as filters, mattresses and adsorbers for air and water purification.
Image: thumb_imagen_asseau
Website: B&W MEGTEC
Short Description: B&W MEGTEC provides solutions to reduce odors from industrial processes. They have installed many successful odor control systems utilizing a range of technologies including: adsorption, bioreactors using biomass, thermal oxidation, etc.
Image: thumb_imagen_bwmegtec
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Website: Brumstyl
Short Description: BRUMSTYL company is a misting systems and outdoor cooling manufacturer, based in France. Thanks to the injection of odor destroyer in misting systems, they eliminate odors in wastewater treatment plants, decantation basins…
Image: thumb_imagen_brumstyl
Website: Clauger
Short Description: Clauger is a french enterprise present in over 90 countries, specialized in: treatment of odors, cov, gas energy recovery industrial dust. It is also a major player in the establishment of odor observatories.
Image: thumb_imagen_clauger
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Website: Delamet
Short Description: DELAMET is a company specialized in consulting, marketing and management of solutions olfactory pollution and/or gaseous releases. It has developed Eolage ®, mechanical process of olfactory pollution reduction
Image: thumb_imagen_delamet_2
Short Description: DID CLIM provides an outside air conditioning by fog system. Air quality is regulated in temperature and humidity by spraying at high pressure micro size water droplets. Applications : cooling, climatic regulation, dust and odor abatement…
Image: thumb_imagen_didclim
Short Description: Haarslev Industries manufacturers processing equipment to customers in the meat, pet food, fish, oil, environmental protection and biofuel industries world-wide. It offers several odor control equipments: scrubbers, RTOs, etc.
Image: thumb_imagen_haarslev
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Website: Waterleau
Short Description: Waterleau offers environmental services and solutions to both industry and municipalities in the fields of water, air and waste treatment as well as in new energy recovery. They are specialised in biological technology for odour control.
Image: thumb_imagen_waterleau
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Short Description: Since 2000, offers customized solutions, making sure to offer a quality service in a respecting’s context the environment, whether for water treatment, solutions for ozone or air treatment; using ozone to eliminate odors in homes, WWTPs, e
Image: thumb_imagen_ozone
Short Description: CTP is one of the world's leading companies in air pollution control for industrial applications.They provide several catalytic and thermal oxidation processes for the reduction of contaminants such as VOCs, NH3, NOx or odours.
Image: thumb_imagen_CTP
Website: RTO Euroclean
Short Description: RTO Euroclean is a manufacturer of RTO (Regenerativ thermal Oxydiser) for VOCs and odor treatment.
Image: thumb_imagen_rto

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