Second meeting of the Subgroup Odour of the Spanish Associacion on Wastewater

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picture first meeting   You are probably aware of the activities of the Air Quality and Odor Control Committee of the WEF, or the likes of the Odours and Volatile Emissions of the IWA. These two groups work actively on odour management in the water sector. What you probably don't know is that a new group on Odour Management within the Spanish Association of Wastewater managers has been recently created. The second meeting of this group took place in Marbella, Spain and many interesting topics were discussed.

   This is just a small drop in the ocean of odour management groups existing in this vast world, however it is a very interesting step made in order to call on the public authorities in Spain to take into account the odour vector when designing public works and Waste Water Treatment Plants. The group aims at calculating the cost of odour management in WWTPs and sewage networks in Spain by using a survey similar to the one successfully launched a few years ago by the WEF.

   The first virtual meeting of the Subgroup Odour took place the 6th of March and the second meeting took place last week. Asier Lopez Etxebarria from the Water Consortium of Bilbao-Bizkaia is the leader of this initiative that at this stage it is formed by around 20 members, although the group is quickly growing.

  A survey has been initially drafted and a pilot survey using a collaborative word processor platform is designed to take place in the coming months.

   There is not much information published about this group on the net, as it is a very recent initiative. For more info, contact the Spanish Association of Wastewater managers here.

   Photo: First video meeting of the group


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