Activated carbon, thermal oxidizers, adsorbers, covers, UV-Oxidation, etc.

Aerox B.V.
Utrechtseweg 4a, , , 3451 GG
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Aerox supplies a unique injection technology based on Non-thermal Plasma. The Aerox­®-Injector destroys the odours that are produced in industrial processes. We help our clients to minimize their emissions in order to comply with industry legislation and ...

Airprotech srl
Viale Lombardia 33, , , 20013
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Airprotech is a leading company in the air cleaning field, specialising in the manufacture of technological plants for industrial processes. They offer several products for the treatment of odorous compounds such as adsorption and thermal oxidation proces ...

Katschbergstr. 78 – 80, , , 9851
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BIONIK filter systems GmbH, designs and implements projects in the field of environmental engineering. BIONIK has built hundreds of exhaust gas- and air purification plants based on biotechnologies and other technologies

ZI de Montplaisir, 271 Rue du champs de courses, , , 38780
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Brotech France is a company that manufactures and installs pressurization and filtration systems (PFS).

Corso Europa, 121, , , 23801
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Deparia Engineering is an enterprise specialising in "key in hand" installations in order to face problems with gases containing VOCs and odours.

2654 Weaver Way, , , , 30340
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This company use products to remove harmful and unpleasant particles, gases, odors, bacteria, and viruses from the environment to improve the air quality.