Short Description: ARIA Technologies' expertise lies in two complementary approaches: design and development of computer-based simulation systems and consulting services.
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Short Description: In contrast to other electronic detectors, the Jerome J605 is able of measuring H2S at ppb levels, where the odour threshold is. There are a few models such as J605 (Low-level H2S Analyzer), 631 and 651 (Fence-line Monitoring System).
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Short Description: Armatec Environmental brings odour control solutions such as biological scrubbers for efficient removal of H2S, VOCs and other odours from air streams using controlled biological activity.
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Short Description: NeOse TM will be the first universal portable odor detection device. It will be connected to a database which will be expanded over the time
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Short Description: Asseau S.A. is a Belgium enterprise with more than 30 years of experience. They provide activated carbon and equipement such as filters, mattresses and adsorbers for air and water purification.
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Short Description: This company offers different types of compressors, tools and industrial solutions.
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Short Description: The Air Tightness Testing and Measurement Association (ATTMA) is a professional association dedicated to promoting technical excellence and commercial effectiveness in all air tightness testing in buildings and air leakage measurement applications.
Short Description: AUSTAL2000, a Lagrangian particle model in compliance with the German guideline VDI 3945 Part 3, has been developed on behalf of the German Federal Environmental Agency.

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