Short Description: Cut Odour Complaints, Reduce Odour Management Costs with Dax Airscience. In enclosed spaces, our innovative technology controls odours by attacking the bacteria, VOC's mould and fungi found in the air and on surfaces 24/7.
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Sitio web: Delamet
Short Description: DELAMET is a company specialized in consulting, marketing and management of solutions olfactory pollution and/or gaseous releases. It has developed Eolage ®, mechanical process of olfactory pollution reduction
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Sitio web: Deparia
Short Description: Deparia Engineering is en entreprise specialised in "key in hand" installations in order to face problems with gases containing VOCs and odurs.
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Short Description: A partir del análisis del problema, ofrecemos Servicio Integral de tratamiento de olores diseñando e instalando los equipos más adecuados que aseguren tasas >70% eficiencia olfatométrica así como la asistencia post-venta y el mantenimiento nece
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Sitio web: www.desotec.com
Short Description: DESOTEC is an international developer, producer and supplier of odour control solutions mainly based on activated carbon and AIRCON® mobile adsorption systems. We also design and build the ideal turnkey installation for odour control applications
Product Image: thumb_Mobile filter AIRCON Low R
Sitio web: www.desotec.pl
Short Description: DESOTEC to międzynarodowa firma opracowująca, produkująca i dostarczająca rozwiązania w zakresie kontroli nieprzyjemnego zapachu, oparte głównie na technologii węgla aktywnego oraz mobilnych systemów adsorbcji AIRCON®. Projektujemy oraz bud
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Sitio web: Devrie
Short Description: This company from Netherlands supplies a biscrubber for odour control in farms.
Product Image: thumb_imagen_devrie
Short Description: DID CLIM provides an outside air conditioning by fog system. Air quality is regulated in temperature and humidity by spraying at high pressure micro size water droplets. Applications : cooling, climatic regulation, dust and odor abatement…
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Short Description: Dimasa Grupo, grupo empresarial con sede en España y filial en México, es líder en el sector de la fabricación de equipos y depósitos de poliéster reforzado con fibras de vidrio (PRFV). Somos especialistas en el tratamiento de malos olores.
Sitio web: Dorset
Short Description: Dorset offers you the biological air washer for air cleaning, removing unwanted ammonia, dust and odor. The principle of biological air cleaning is, that bacteria process the unwanted particles out of the air. There are no chemicals involved.
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Sitio web: DOS
Short Description: The objective of the DOS is to gather, share and complete the knowledge recently established about olfactory digitization, to build up constructive links between leading researchers and industrialists to set up appropriate strategies.
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Short Description: The Draeger short-term detector tubes have proven to be a very cost-effective and reliable way to measure gases and vapors with low odour thresholds.
Product Image: thumb_imagen_drager
Short Description: Stack sampler is an easy to use device that provides accurate pre-dilution of high temperature gas emissions with nitrogen or zero-air to minimize condensation. Dilution is achieved inside the heated probe and can be controlled from 1:1 to 1:1300.
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Sitio web: KBA- Metalprint
Short Description: The European VOC directive or the corresponding local authority require new technologies and variants for the European market. Regenerative systems dominate the market in the field of thermal-oxidising units.
Product Image: thumb_imagen_KBA
Short Description: DynaSampler offers an unique feature to allow the dilution ratio to be determined during the sampling under the field conditions. The efficiency of the predilution is continously monitored using built-in temperature and humidity sensors.
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