Short Description: The OdaLog® is a portable gas detector specifically designed for the wastewater industry, manufactured by App-Tek International Pty Ltd (Part of Thermo Fisher Scientific Australia).
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Sitio web: Odocity-map
Short Description: Odocity-map, is a software in web format, which allows to collect objectively the complaints of residents of a municipality, caused by bad odors.
Sitio web: Odometric
Short Description: Odometric is an independent public limited company with offices in Belgium and France. Odometric measures the odour by acting as an interface between industrial operators, local residents and public authorities.
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Sitio web: odortrackr
Short Description: ODOR TRACK'R™ provides a visual display of the pattern of odorous air with respect to a selected or designated site so that it’s effect can be determined and if corrective action is needed and what corrective action should be taken.
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Email: Cesare Rossini
Sitio web: OdorPrep©
Short Description: Lab Service Analytica srl has a delayed sampler “OdorPrep©” a real-time unattended air sampling and monitoring system. This equipment, activated via SMS, collects air samples at the time of perception of the odour for olfactometric analysis.
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Sitio web: Odortel
Short Description: Odortel è una piattaforma innovativa che permette di monitorare la presenza di cattivi odori grazie alle segnalazioni della popolazione e di determinare l'impatto olfattivo delle fonti odorose.
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Sitio web: Odotech
Short Description: Odotech’s can support its clients in gaining a good understanding of environmental conditions of each site. Regardless of the atmospheric contaminant, Odotech as a proactive intervention approach that adapts to each situation.
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Sitio web: Odotech Inc.
Short Description: Odotech is an environmental company with a patented electronic nose specializing in the quantification and monitoring of odors at odor producing plants. Its OdoWatch Platform fully integrates onsite sensors with atmospheric dispersion modelling.
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Sitio web: Odour Unit
Short Description: Odour Unit provides quality odour investigation and consultancy services to properies. They are a NATA Accredited team with extensive experience in providing effective solutions.
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Sitio web: OdourCollect
Short Description: OdourCollect provides a tool to empower citizens, who are suffering from regular odour nuisance, to report the incidence to the world. Odour maps are build based on crowd-sourced odour reports to calculate frequencies and levels of nuisance.
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Sitio web: OdourPro
Short Description: Australian company with over 25 years of experience, reducing odours by up to 99.9%.
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Short Description: Hong Kong's Polytechnic University Odour Research Laboratory, specialised in odour consultancy.
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Sitio web: Olentica
Short Description: Olentica is a spin off of the Odours and VOCs research team working at l’école des Mines d’Alès. Founded in 2011, Olentica answers to the questions related to ambient air quality management, industrial gas emissions and odours.
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Sitio web: OLFASCAN
Short Description: OLFASCAN is an entrepreneurial team of consultants and collaborators that offers from measurements and analyses over modeling, advice and communication with the neighborhood.
Product Image: thumb_imagen_olfascan
Short Description: With more than 30 years of experience, Olfasense offers a full range of services to identify, measure, assess and control environmental odours, odour analysis and odour management techniques.
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