Short Description: Equipos y productos para el control y neutralización de olores en cultivos
Sitio web: SKC
Short Description: SKC Tedlar® Air Sample Bags are made from classic DuPont® film with good stability for VOCs, sulfur compounds, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, and sulfur hexafluoride.
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Sitio web: SKOV A/S
Short Description: Farm AirClean is a system developped by SKOV for biological air cleaning. The system is based solely on biological air cleaning principles. These principles are effective when it comes to reducing odour, ammonia and dust.
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Sitio web: Solvay SA
Short Description: Solvay is a company that has developed numerous sustainable technologies and solutions that industrial operators can rely on, for example, using deodorants for air cleaning.
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Sitio web: Sponner Anguil
Short Description: Spooner Industries provides a comprehensive range of oxidiser technologies for market applications.
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Short Description: This company is specialised in gas treatment solutions using a wide range of spraying technologies.
Product Image: thumb_imagen_spraying
Short Description: St. Croix Sensory has extensive experience in conducting product and material odor testing. Including all of the following product sectors: air care, personal care, home care, pet care, building materials, coatings, fine chemical, & medical.
Product Image: thumb_4-ProdMatJars
Short Description: St. Croix Sensory evaluates odorous air samples (EN13725, ASTM E679) from a variety of industrial, agricultural, and municipal operations, including WWTP, landfills, composting, and manufacturing. St. Croix Sensory is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited.
Short Description: St. Croix Sensory provides equipment for your odor sampling needs, including vacuum chamber sampling device, EPA style flux chamber, Tedlar and Nalophan bags, and Teflon tubing.
Product Image: thumb_FluxHoodVacChamber
Sitio web: Web Strengths
Short Description: STRENGTHS es una empresa con más de 15 años de experiencia en servicios para la Administración Pública y la empresa privada, especializada en la ingeniería de servicios y la gestión de olores, acústica y calidad del aire.
Sitio web: Sulfilogger
Short Description: The SulfiLoggerTM sensor provides the reliable insights you need to optimize your H2S management. It continuously measures hydrogen sulphide in untreated sewage, in the air above sewage, or in wet process gases.
Product Image: thumb_sulfilog

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