Deadline extension for abstract submission: 9th IWA Odour Conference


   The 15th of December was the last day to submit your abstract, but the organizing committee has extended the deadline 4 more weeks for the next 9th Odour & VOC/Air Emission Conference of the International Water Association (IWA). The event will take place in Bilbao, Spain the 26-27 of October 2021.

   The new deadline for the submission of abstracts for oral and poster session is the 15th of January 2021. All the abstract are more than welcome, so I you haven't sent it yet, there is a new change, but don't miss it! Remember that this IWA Odour and Emissions Conference is been organized by the team of

   More than 35 abstracts have been received already for this 2-day conference. Abstracts in Spanish are also welcome. So, come on! We are waiting for your abstracts! Due date 15th January!

    The last year conference organized by team (2019) took place in Santiago, Chile. This event counted on the participation of 160 people from 15 different countries and last IWA Conference held in China brought together around 150 people. We are aiming at 320 people which is the maximum capacity of the special place we have booked for this fantastic event wer are preparing, and hopufully there will be no travel restrictions due to the pandemic.

   Download the abstract template here:

       Abstract submission template.odt

       Abstract submission template.doc

   The topics that have been programmed for the next 9th IWA Conference of Odour & VOC/Air emissions in Bilbao are the following:

  • Policy and associated regulations for odour and air quality
  • Odour/VOC measurement, monitoring&sensor technologies
  • Odour/VOC perception, impact, formation and dispersion
  • GHG emissions particulate matter and industrial emissions
  • Source characterization and odour/VOC mapping
  • Odour/VOC abatement, mitigation and neutralization
  • Odour/VOC from waste water, sewer systems and livestock
  • Air emissions and sustainable solutions for waste handling
  • Community engagement, social media and citizen action

   All the papers will be peer reviewed by a great group of experts of our scientific committee.

   Abstracts must be written in English and must be original, with not more than 400 words, following one of the templates provided. The abstract must contain enough information for the scientific committee to review the full text quality of the paper. Proposals not selected for oral presentation will be considered for poster presentation. Please note that for each selected paper, at least one of the authors must attend the event.

   Fore more information, contact the organization here.


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