OLORES19 Conference, a Neutral Carbon Event

evento neutro   All those who attended the OLORES19 Conference will already know that an attempt was made to create a sustainable event, and that several measures were taken to this end, such as choosing a place that is accessible by public transport, avoiding the use of single-use plastic materials, etc.

   In Olores.org we care about the impact on the environment of our events, that is why we wanted to celebrate a conference as sustainable as possible, in order to minimize the negative impacts on the environment, reducing to the maximum the carbon footprint.

    This type of event, being international in character, generates an impact on the environment due almost entirely to the mobility of those attending. The possibility of reducing the impact due to international transport is limited, which is why we have chosen to calculate the carbon footprint and compensate for greenhouse gas emissions, in order to achieve a Carbon Neutral Event.

   We encourage you to read the full sustainability report at this link. (Unfortunately only available in Spanish)

   Some of the most interesting data from the carbon footprint study is that during the organization and development of this event 41.25 tons of CO2 equivalent were generated, which represents an average of 270 kg of CO2 per attendee.

   These equivalent tons have been offset by the purchase of 41 Certified Reduction Units in the wind generation project in the Chinese province of Shandong: "Laizhou Diaolongzui Wind Farm Project".

   Some of the most notable measures taken during the organization and the conference to minimize the impact and reduce the carbon footprint are the following:

  • Calculation and minimization of the carbon footprint
  • Offsetting the carbon footprint (through the company Factor CO2)
  • Dissemination of sustainable practices (means of transport, accommodation, catering, etc.)
  • Reusable kit of materials for all attendees

   See here the full report on the sustainability of the event. (Unfortunately only in Spanish)

   We encourage future organizations to join the challenge of creating a sustainable event.


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