OdorPrep®, the on-demand system for monitoring and sampling air

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Odorprep2019   The last version of the system OdorPrep®, manufactured by Lab Service Analytica, has been developed thanks to the European project “OdorPrep”: funded under the “Research for the benefit of SMEs” programme [Grant Agreement number 756865].

   You can report olfactive troubles in real-time, as the system comprises a mobile app allowing citizens to report olfactory nuisances.

   The cooperation between citizens and institutions, through the use of this innovative technology, represents a positive approach to ensure the air quality for protecting living condition and the psychophysical wellbeing of citizens. If you are interested how it works, watch this video.

   You can take samples whenever you need. OdorPrep® sampling and monitoring units can be remotely managed by a dedicated mobile app. Companies can install OdorPrep® inside their plant or close to critical processes to keep odors under control. When electronic noses detect a value over the threshold limit, OdorPrep® automatically starts sampling.

   In this way, companies can constantly monitor the odorous trends to detect the critical processes that cause odours and adopt all the measures to contain emissions.

   A field study to assess the possibility of real-time odour monitoring at a malodorous plant by combining dynamic olfactometry and electronic nose techniques with OdorPrep® solution was carried out to monitor odorous processes in a sanitary landfill area in the South of Italy.

   Measurements done with the e-nose proved to be correlated with those obtained by dynamic olfactometry. See the video of a landfill area in Italy here.

   Visit odorprep.eu for more information or download the brochure (available in English or in Italian). 

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