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2017 CASANZ Conference will be held in Brisbane, Australia

casanz    Taking place from Sunday 15 - Wednesday 18 October 2017 at the Pullman Brisbane, King George Square, Australia, The CASANZ 23rd International Clean Air & Environment Conference (CASANZ 2017) will bring together over 300 highly influential group of global industry experts, policy and decision makers and key equipment suppliers of the environmental sector, from Australia, New Zealand and around the world.

   These conferences are always special in our field, cause there is quite an active group in CASANZ dealing with Environmental Odour Management. That is why this conference is always a key event for odour experts to meet. The program of this conference has a well-assorted selection of interesting topics, but here we will focus on our beloved odorous part. So... what can we expect from this conference?

   Some workshops have been planned the day before the conference. There is no information yet about the people that are leading those workshops, however, there is no doubt that they should give a prize to the people that put the titles, because most of the topics of this part look engaging.

   Here there are a few workshop relevant to odours:

  • An ambient odour assessment method for Australia. Are the German VDI and new European EN standards applicable in Australian and New Zealand conditions?
  • Update on each state’s odour policy
  • Meteorological and dispersion modelling for odour impact assessments
  • Handling Uncertainty in modelling
  • Odour Fugitive and area source sampling methods. Where are we at? What is best practice?
  • Modelling bumps in the road
  • Application of Low-Cost Sensors for air quality and personal exposure.

   Once inside the conference program itself, we have found many interesting presentations related to environmental odour management. Here you have a selection of papers:

  • A comparison of historical and current piggery odour modelling assessment methods in Queensland, by Geordie Galvin.
  • Real world impacts from odorous industry, by Chris Bydder.
  • Comparison of broiler odour emission rate calculation methods and assessment criteria, by Cathy Nieuwenhuijsen.
  • Application of broiler odour assessment methods to various upstream chicken farm types, also by Cathy Nieuwenhuijsen.
  • Comparison of odour measurements from two different composting methodologies, by Aleks Todoroski.
  • Odour modelling assessments and the application of air quality legislation in Australia, by Michelle Hall.
  • An overview of the recently released New Zealand odour guidelines, by Jenny Barclay.
  • Odour ERAs as applied to the broiler industry, by Tim Pollock.
  • Can odour wheel be used as an odour emission management aid, by Ruth Fisher.
  • Use of AERMOD for the evaluation of odour impacts during low wind speed conditions, by Iain Cowan.
  • Analysing community pollution report data to enhance regulatory odour surveillance, by Andrew Marshall.

   Any of these presentations is worth listening, and all of them are relevant in our field, so if you are around Brisbane these days, do not miss the opportunity of learning and networking in this very special event.

   Do you want to know more about the 23rd edition of the CASANZ 2017 Conference? Check out the official website of the event here: casanz2017.com

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