Short Description: EcoVerde has developed a self-contained bioscrubber that guarantees H2S removal of >99% with a media that is warrantied for up to 15 years while offering an environmentally friendly solution to WWTP odor problems.
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Short Description: This company offers some odor control technologies such as the Gener-Ox system.
Product Image: thumb_imagen_inland
Short Description: Design, Fabrication, Installation and Operator Training for odor control and chemical process needs with abatement systems such as Scrubbers, packaged scrubers, air strippers, etc
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Short Description: GTI develops custom designed covers for odor control
Product Image: thumb_imagen_gti
Short Description: Enduro Composites Inc develops, designs and manufactures equipment for the treatment of odorous compounds in air streams such as adsorbers, scrubbers and biological filters.
Product Image: thumb_imagen_enduro
Short Description: GORE® Cover For Organic Waste Treatment is an aerated system equipped with an oxygen controlled, positively aerated system and an oxygen and temperature monitoring device, that avoid odour emissions in composting plants.
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Sitio web: BioAir Solutions
Short Description: BioAir Solutions® - a dynamic biological odor control company that uses biotrickling filter products with a patented EcoBase media to meet critical odor control requirements.
Product Image: thumb_imagen_bioair
Short Description: Air Technology Systems have successfully provided odour control and ventilation systems for over 20 years, offering a comprehensive range of odour control equipment including bio-filters, scrubbers and dry media solutions.
Product Image: thumb_imagen_ats
Short Description: Cut Odour Complaints, Reduce Odour Management Costs with Dax Airscience. In enclosed spaces, our innovative technology controls odours by attacking the bacteria, VOC's mould and fungi found in the air and on surfaces 24/7.
Product Image: thumb_imagen_daxairscience
Short Description: Suppliers of odour control technologies for over 35 years ERG Air Pollution controls systems, backed by performance guarantees, are relied on by water companies, waste operators and industry alike in the UK and globally.
Product Image: thumb_imagen_erg
Sitio web: Nova Q LTD
Short Description: Nova Q is a supplier of innovative waste treatment technologies including odour prevention, odour control, leachate treatment and natural bacteria for the bio-augmentation of compost and bio-filter systems
Product Image: thumb_imagen_novaq
Sitio web: NoOdor
Short Description: NoOdor.com is a global supplier of EcoSmart, HealthSmart and EnergySmart Odor Removers that Work! We have been providing odor solutions for commercial, agricultural and consumer applications for over 25 years.
Product Image: thumb_imagen_noodor
Short Description: Specialist of environment of fers installations of ventilation, odor and air treatment in the following sectors: Biological processes, Chemical processes, Absorption processes and Chemical processes
Product Image: thumb_imagen_airepur
Sitio web: REVENTA®
Short Description: This German company supplies an air treatment in order to effectively clean the stable air by atomise treated water and thereby bind ammonia and dust in the air.
Product Image: thumb_imagen_reventa
Short Description: KLEAN is professional supplier for ESP(electrostatic precipitator) since 1992, and its ESP has sold to 63 countries and areas. Commercial application for all kinds of commercial kitchen and wide industrial application ensure its popularity.
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