Short Description: GTI develops custom designed covers for odor control
Product Image: thumb_imagen_GMT
Sitio web: Jacobi Carbons
Short Description: Jacobi Carbons is one of the world’s largest activated carbon companies, celebrating several significant milestones along the way
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Sitio web: Brotech France
Short Description: Brotech France is a company that manufactures and installs pressurization and filtration systems (PFS) throughout France.
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Short Description: mist-air is a flexible odour suppression system, which can be adapted to suit all sizes of buildings or operations. It is easily fitted to any site and can be retro-fitted to existing operating sites, ensuring an odour free environment.
Product Image: thumb_imagen_Mistair
Sitio web: Mortelecque
Short Description: Mortelecque works on filtration and anti-pollution processes. They have a wide range of technical products and custom manufacturing options with 6 production units.
Product Image: thumb_imagen_mortelecque
Short Description: Ram Environnement is a company that has a section focused in odour treatment using innovative spraying technology. It can be used in waste water treatment, landfilling, industry...
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Sitio web: FNNANO
Short Description: Eliminación de olores mediante fotocatálisis. 10 m2 de superficie elimina 1 kg de contaminantes del aire anualmente.
Product Image: thumb_olores
Sitio web: Calgon Carbon
Short Description: Calgon Carbon’s extensive range of activated carbons and adsorption systems for air purification and environmental air treatment are designed to meet specific customer needs in a variety of applications, for example, odour removal
Product Image: thumb_imagen_calgoncarbon
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Sitio web: bionik website
Short Description: BIONIK filter systems GmbH, designs and implements projects in the field of environmental engineering. BIONIK has built hundreds of exhaust gas- and air purification plants based on biotechnologies and other technologies
Product Image: thumb_bionik_biofilter
Short Description: CECO Environmental is a global diversified and energy technology company that provides Environmental Air Pollution Control Technologies
Product Image: thumb_CECO-imagen
Sitio web: Micron Sprayers
Short Description: Micron Group is a leading manufacturer of specialist sprayers for odour and dust control and a wide range of other applications worldwide.
Product Image: thumb_micromiser-unit-spraying-small
Short Description: BLUER MEDIO AMBIENTE es la división del grupo BLUER GROUP especializada en el tratamiento de olores mediante oxidación térmica regenerativa, actividades medio ambientales, energéticas y renovables.

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