Sitio web: Sin Olores
Short Description: Chilean company that deals with the design, project and construction of Odour Abatement Systems
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Short Description: Specialist of environment of fers installations of ventilation, odor and air treatment in the following sectors: Biological processes, Chemical processes, Absorption processes and Chemical processes
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Sitio web: Delamet
Short Description: DELAMET is a company specialized in consulting, marketing and management of solutions olfactory pollution and/or gaseous releases. It has developed Eolage ®, mechanical process of olfactory pollution reduction
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Sitio web: amplast
Short Description: AMPlast Corporation is a professional chemical engineering company specializing in the design, manufacture and installation of wet scrubbers, biofilters, activated carbon adsorption systems, and the treatment of corrosive, harmful and odorous gas.
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Sitio web: OdourPro
Short Description: Australian company with over 25 years of experience, reducing odours by up to 99.9%.
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Sitio web: bionik website
Short Description: BIONIK filter systems GmbH, designs and implements projects in the field of environmental engineering. BIONIK has built hundreds of exhaust gas- and air purification plants based on biotechnologies and other technologies
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Sitio web: Aeroxinjector
Short Description: Aerox supplies a unique injection technology based on Non-thermal Plasma. We have a highest possible odour reduction with low energy consumption and without requirement of water, gas or chemicals.
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Short Description: Anguil Environmental Systems is a global provider of industrial air pollution control, wastewater treatment and energy recovery systems.
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Short Description: EIS manufactures and installs solutions for all VOC reduction, odour control and air pollution control problems using equipment such as thermal oxidizers, catalytic oxidizers, adsorption systems, biofilters, wet and dry scrubbers.
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Short Description: TANN Corporation is an engineer-led company working on the development and supply of pollution control systems and solutions including regenerative oxidants, catalytic oxidants, recovery oxidants and various forms of energy recovery systems.
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Short Description: ECS develops, designs and manufactures equipment for the treatment of odorous compounds in air currents, providing a complete system, from source to solution.
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Short Description: IMS, designs, manufactures, and delivers innovative process solutions with its packaged chemical feed systems, lime slaking equipment, odor control systems, and emergency chlorine scrubbers for water and wastewater applications.
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