Sitio web: Extremum O²
Short Description: All farms odors can now be eliminated. We eliminate all odors (inside & outside buildings) emanating from a hog farm: liquefied manure, manure storage, manure spreading, liquid pit, chicken fertilizer, compost treatment and sewage plants.
Short Description: Portable measurement instrument for capture and transmission of H2S concentration in air, to be used in sewer systems, industries and public water and sewage systems
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Short Description: Melcourt have over 30 years’ practical experience in successfully supplying Biofiltration Media, on time, worldwide.
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Short Description: Combines technologies of Duall, Flex-Kleen, Bio-Reaction and Met-Pro Systems to provide a total APC solution. Products are effective for eliminating WWTP odors.
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Short Description: Se trata de una empresa que trabaja en el diseño, contrucción e instalación de sistemas de succión y lavado para purificar aire rico en polvo, VOCs y humos. También trabaja en plantas de biomasa y residuos.
Product Image: thumb_imagen_mionventoltermica
Short Description: mist-air is a flexible odour suppression system, which can be adapted to suit all sizes of buildings or operations. It is easily fitted to any site and can be retro-fitted to existing operating sites, ensuring an odour free environment.
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Sitio web: Mortelecque
Short Description: Mortelecque works on filtration and anti-pollution processes. They have a wide range of technical products and custom manufacturing options with 6 production units.
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Sitio web: MeadWestVaco
Short Description: MWV Specialty Chemicals serves the automotive, drinking water and energy storage carbon markets, and partners with Hercules Paper Technologies to serve the pulp and paper industry.

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