Short Description: For over twenty years, Pacwill Environmental has been providing quality air and process gas measurement equipment including dedicated service and support.
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Sitio web: Passair.org
Short Description: Passair.org offers methods and purification techniques, proven characterization methods in certified laboratory, purification techniques, tested and designed for industrial and community applications including domestic air and HVAC.
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Short Description: The OLFACTIC division of Laboratoires PHODÉ develops and produces sensorial and functional additives aiming to answer every olfactory problem. Issued from their research, NORASYSTEM® is a patented formula, created from plant-based active ingredient
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Sitio web: Plastoquímica
Short Description: We offer the most advanced technologies in the deodorization field: Chemical oxidation-neutralizing; Wet ozone oxidation; Adsorption with activated carbon; Biofilters; BioGrit biomass support.
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Short Description: Porter Odor Science can provide services related to odor sampling, monitoring, modeling and impact assessment based on 30 of professional experience.
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Sitio web: Olfasense B.V.
Short Description: Olfasense BV develops, manages and delivers top level expertise on sensory analysis techniques and their application in environmental nuisance management as well as product optimisation and material testing.
Short Description: Handle the toughest stack environments with Thermo Scientific™ PRO903 Low Flow Dilution Probe, a modular, external, low flow dilution probe designed for dry-basis measurement that offers significant advantages over typical in-stack dilution probes.
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Sitio web: PROGRESS r.l
Short Description: Progress S.r.l.offers odour analysis through dynamic olfatometric analysis, electronic noses and chemical analysis. But they also simulate odour dispersion and offer environmental, legal and civil consulting service.
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Short Description: toma de muestra según NCh Nº3386:2015, olfatometría dinámica según la norma NCh Nº 3190:2010. Modelación de dispersión del olor de acuerdo a la Guía SEA Penalistas de Campo VDI3940.
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Sitio web: Purafil, Inc.
Short Description: Eliminate odors from sewage collection and processing operations. Prevent accidental releases of chlorine, ammonia and sulfur dioxide.
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Sitio web: Purafil
Short Description: This company use products to remove harmful and unpleasant particles, gases, odors, bacteria, and viruses from the environment to improve the air quality.
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Short Description: Pure Air Filtration provides high performance, customizable odor control systems which utilized engineered odor adsorbents for reliable odor removal.
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Sitio web: Website Title
Short Description: Purenviro offers services and solutions for managing industrial emissions to air, especially odorous gasses

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