Short Description: TANN Corporation is an engineer-led company working on the development and supply of pollution control systems and solutions including regenerative oxidants, catalytic oxidants, recovery oxidants and various forms of energy recovery systems.
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Short Description: TECHNISIM CONSULTANTS offers solutions in order to fulfill the pertinent legislation through innovative simulation and modelisation techniques.
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Short Description: The eNose Company currently focuses on three product-lines containing eNose technology for the following fields: Exhaled-breath detection (Aeonose), detecting and identifying pathogenic bacteria (Aetholab) and exploring new applications (Aerekaprobe)
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Short Description: THOLANDER offers solutions for almost every off-gas problem. They have experience in the treatment of waste gases from food processing, tobacco processing, waste water and sludge treatment, waste management, circuit board production, etc.
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Short Description: TQI se dedica a la comercialización de productos químicos con énfasis en catalizadores bio-orgánicos, dando soluciones ambientales en los sistemas de limpieza, degradación de materia orgánica y en los tratamientos de las aguas.
Short Description: Dispersion Modelling with high resolutions and other products.
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