TO evolution the next step of the olfactometers TO series by Odournet

Odournet TO evolution   I have to say that I heard some news about the development of a new olfactometer by odournet a couple of weeks ago in the NOSE2014 Conference organized by the AIDIC in Venice, Italy.

   I was expecting a release of the equipment around Christmas time, but hey! here they are with the new release of the new olfactometer TO evolution.

    The olfactometer TO8/TO9 did not have any serious evolution in the last years and I was wondering if the fusion of ECOMA and Odournet would lead to a halt in the development of the well known TO series olfactometers...

    But looks like the wait was worth. The TO evolution olfactometer has been designed with a key feature in mind: Transportability.

There are other aspects such as ergonomy and easiness of use that has been taken into account for this new design.

    The olfactometer TO evolution comes with a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for odour labs: The WiNose Evolution LIMS.

    This LIMS manage and controls the quality of the measurements by qualifying the panel, keeping track of the lab performance, managing reference gases and taking care of projects and clients.

    See more about the new TO evolution and the WiNose Evolution LIMS here:

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