The new SS400 Six Station Portable olfactometer.

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ss400   The company Scentroid offers a six station portable olfactometer SS400. This is a new olfactometer made by Scentroid that to date is offered with a 1-year leasing option up to three years. Annual calibration and maintenance service is included in the lease and after 3 years the olfactometer belongs to the buyer. This lease-to-own option allows to get started with lower financial commitments. This interesting olfactometer was first presented in March in the last WEF Odors and Air Pollutants Conference in Milwaukee.

   The SS400 six station portable olfactometer includes a yearly calibration service for the period of the leasing. Each year, another control pyramid will be provided to the user. The module will come pre-calibrated with new tubing, ultrasonically cleaned and ozone purified valves and dilutors, and tested and re-certified electronics. According to the maker, all firmware and possible hardware upgrades will also be implemented to ensure the latest features are available for all users.

7th Interlaboratory Comparison for the automobile guideline VDA 270

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vdA270 3 .small    One more time, and this is the 7th time since 2004, Olfasense offers an Interlaboratory Comparison (ILC) exercise for the automobile sector according to the guideline VDA 270 - Determination of the Odour Behaviour of Materials used in the Internal Fittings of Vehicles. The due date to register for this ILC is the 31st July 2016.

   Like in previous years, Olfasense has organised this ILC following the German Norm VDA 270. This proficiency test is combined with several training sets for the preparation available for each participant. These sets enable to the participants to gain a better understanding of the VDA 270.

GSA is the first ISO 17025 olfactometric lab accredited in Colombia according to the Colombian Standard NTC5880

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GSA IDEAM   The company GSA counts on the last technology available for sampling and analysing odour concentration. The Colombian Norm NTC5880 is a transposition of the European Norm EN13725. Although there are other olfactometric labs in Colombia, none of them was accredited by the ISO/IEC 17025 following the NTC5880 Colombian Norm.

   This accreditation was granted by the national standardization body IDEAM (Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies) of Colombia. However GSA is not the first entity to get an ISO 17025 accreditation following the NTC5880 as the company Inco Ambiental got this accreditation in first place. The key here is that in the scope of the accreditation of Inco Ambiental was included just sampling.

  We have already written a bit about GSA. They have been working on environmental analysis for a very long time. They have several labs dealing with water, air, soil, sludge, waste and many other matrices. A few months ago GSA acquired an olfactometer and they began their first steps in this beautiful field of the environmental sciences.

  The company is accredited for many other analysis and they detected that there were not other accredited labs in Colombia according to the recent Standard NTC 5880, Air Quality. Determination of Odour Concentration by Dynamic Olfactometry.

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