hexacover toronto   Over the past 6 years years, Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover have been preferred for a wide range of different projects in North America, and not least surrounding countries. 

As such “The Americas” is increasingly important markets for Hexa-Cover. As a natural consequence of this positive development, we took the first step in 2014 - aiming at an even stronger position - by opening our subsidiary Hexa-Cover, Inc based in Atlanta, GA. 

We now take this development one important step further; I hereby have the pleasure announcing that we now also have a manufacturing of Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover R114 in North America. 

Inspection   Odournet GmbH in Germany has received the accreditation for their calibration laboratory according to ISO 17025 for calibrations of dilution units for gas samples (e.g. olfactometers) with the DAkkS (German Accreditation Body) registration number D-K-17433-01-00. This includes both, dilution units with orifice systems and those with mass flow controllers in the range 1 to 100.000 (dilution number Z).

   Furthermore, Odournet is now also accredited calibration laboratory for flame ionization detectors (FIDs). Odournet GmbH is the only German and one of the few accredited calibration laboratories in Europe for this scope.  

   This accreditation confirms the quality of their calibration services and brings a valuable contribution to the documentation of your laboratory quality by issuing calibration certificates according to ISO 17025.


Press note source: odournet GmbH

 Press note: Starting immediately, Odournet will not only offer GC-IMS analyses but also distribute the complete range of G.A.S. solutions, which are known for their extremely sensitive (lower ppbv-range), fast acquisition of analytical results (few seconds) and an economical pricing.

This cooperation does also focus on the further development of this powerful analytical method.

"We are convinced that GC-IMS has the potential to develop into a technology with various areas of applications in the environmental sector, in the field of product & material testing (food & non food) and a new field of 24/7 process control.", says CEO Simon Rützel-Grünberg.

Among these are:

  •     Stack monitoring (measure of variations in emissions)
  •     Ambient air monitoring
  •     Indoor air quality
  •     Siloxane
  •     Biogas

To find out more, please contact Marc Andresen, mandresen@odournet.com.

source odournet.

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