This is a free on-line course offered by Scentroid Odour Academy to share knowledge on the best practices and modern technologies used for effective odour complaint management.

July 16, 2014
From 10:00 to 13:00
Eastern Time (US & Canada) (DST)


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odour test samples carsOne more year, Odournet GmbH is organizing the sixth Interlaboratory Comparison for the Automotive Guideline VDA 270  - Determination of odor behavior of materials used in automotive interiors

   As in 2012, the evaluation will take greater account of the individual orientation of the individual laboratories. The range of samples will comprise different materials and for this year participants can optionally perform the assessment of leather. 

   Each participant will receive a Training Kit beforehand, which allows to gain closer agreement and understanding of the VDA 270 scale. 

   The registration will be accepted until 31 July 2014.

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Air Spectrum Environmental Limited (UK) now provides a complete range of olfactometry products after agreeing an exclusive deal with the Canadian company Scentroid.

The Midlands-based odour-control experts have landed the UK and Ireland ownership and distribution rights for IDES Canada Inc’s Scentroid products, which ranges from an ultra-portable in-field device to a fully-automated state-of-the-art odour laboratory.

Air Spectrum already offers a comprehensive site odour assessment service, olfactometric sampling and analysis and bio aerosol monitoring, which is complimented by extensive odour dispersion modelling and odour management planning. + info

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