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WEBINAR   As you may have seen, organized a sponsored webinar: "Odorprep: new frontiers in odor control" on the 23rd of March 2021. We hosted the webinar on our Youtube Channel, where different odour case studies related to the Odorprep System were preseted by 4 experts. This system, is an automatic odour sampling device on demand that can be remotely managed by a dedicated mobile app.

   If you were not able to attend it, but are still interested in watching and learning from these experts, don’t worry, the video recording is available on the Youtube channel. To get to the video recording click here.



   Here you can find the webinar's Programme:

Carlos N. Díaz - CEO of Ambiente et Odora S.L., Spain
Welcome and Introduction

Anne-Claude Romain – Proffesor at University of Liège, Belgium
Interests of automatic odour sampling devices, illustration with a Wallonia study
From November 2018 to September 2019, two Odorprep samplers were tested in an industrial valley and a solid waste treatment plan in Wallonia (Belgium).
The experiments were organized in collaboration with the Scientific Institute of Public Service of Wallonia (ISSeP). Local authorities were also involved: they were in charge of activating the sampling devices when the smell was perceived and had to complete the questionnaires, which included the description of the odour characteristics.

Robert F. Kelly - SUEZ, Paris, France.
Innovative Photocatalytic Cover for treatment of nuisance: Odorprep support
The WWTP (Waste Water Treatment Plant ) Carré de Réunion (Saint-Cyrl’Ecole, France) is a flagship site for HYDREAULYS, as it is located in the immediate vicinity of the castle of Versailles.
In order to prepare the area for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, the need to beware of bad smells has increased: several technological innovations have been designed to integrate the WWTP into the surrounding environment.
System performance evaluation was conducted using a combination of real-time microsensors and dynamic olfactometry through the use of an innovative air-on-demand sampling technology, OdorPrep, provided in collaboration with the EU-funded H2020 project.

Cesare Rossini - Lab Service Analytica, Italy project for monitoring olfactory phenomena in the municipality of Falconara Marittima
ARPAM (Regional Agency for Environmental Protection, Marche, ) was invited by the Municipality of Falconara Marittima, to prepare a monitoring and control plan for emissions related to "odorous" events impacting the area.
LAB SERVICE ANALYTICA (Bologna, Italy) has collaborated closely with ARPAM and it is reporting the results of the project.
A smartphone application for the systematic and computerized management of reports was set in place.
A network of sampling systems (ODORPREP) was installed: the systems were activated via APP when a certain number of reports was received.

Federico Cangialosi - R&D Manager of Tecnologia e Ambiente srl, Italy.
Mechanical biological treatment plant: statistical evaluation of H2S and NH3 concentrations in ambient air and criteria for automatic odor sampling
Frequency domain analysis and multivariate analysis are powerful tools often applied in the study of air pollution data, although rarely employed in the field of odour monitoring.
A case study regarding the usage of such analytic tools will be illustrated, with the aim of assessing whether odour fluctuations over time can be related to plant management operations, thus defining criteria for odour automatic sampling.

Carlos N. Díaz - CEO of Ambiente et Odora S.L., Spain
Round table & Discussion


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