The Odournet International Comparison of Olfactometry 2014 will include a complex odour

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odournet ilc   The Odournet Quality Assessment team have developed an approach that allows including a complex odour in the 2014 International Comparison of Olfactometry (ILC) test. This enables participating laboratories to not only verify their performance characteristics on the n-butanol reference, but also on an actual unknown complex 'real world' odorant mixture.

   This additional element will allow participating laboratories to obtain a good estimate of their precision under reproducibility conditions, based on experimental data from a blind proficiency test. 

Participation in the ILC satisfies the recommendation of the EN 13725:2003 regarding performance quality requirements: subclause 5.1 General “...Note: Performance testing is best done in a proficiency test coordinated by an external organisation.

Odournet GmbH has been accredited since December 2011 according to the new standard for proficiency testing bodies, EN ISO/IEC 17043:2010.

The ILC allows participating laboratories to ascertain the key performance criteria as defined in EN13725:2003, specifically:

  • precision under repeatability conditions r, and
  • accuracy A for 1-butanol.

For further information, visit the ILC 2014 website.




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