TO8s Almost a Pocket Olfactometer

TO8sThe olfactometer you can see in the following picture, may look like an ECOMA TO8, but if you pay a close attention to it, you will realize that in fact is a much smaller than the normal one.

 This device was presented the days 22nd to 23rd in the German city of Mannheim during a Seminar about odours in the Environment. What you see in the picture is the small TO8 or TO8s, a smaller version of the last model of the German makers. The strict diet that this device has, allows us an easier and more comfortable trip wherever you want to bring it. As the main disadvantage we could mention that its cost is a bit higher than that of his bigger brother.

The TO series ("TO" stands for "Tragbares Olfaktometer" ("Portable Olfactometer")) have become the most sold olfactometer in the world.

 See more of this device in the ecoma website.

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