Sitio web: Consumaj
Short Description: This is an 8 port olfactometry that is made by the company Consumaj inc. This company has been working in the province of Quebec and around the world in different projects related to the measurement of odours.
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Short Description: With more than 30 years of experience, Olfasense offers a full range of services to identify, measure, assess and control environmental odours, odour analysis and odour management techniques.
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Sitio web: Website Title
Short Description: Scentroid is the word leader in odour measurement equipment and services to over 40 countries around the world. Our unique instruments are used in universities, government agencies, laboratories, environmental consultants, waste water treatment plant
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Short Description: The AC'SCENT Olfactometer is the most commonly used olfactometer in North America today. The AC'SCENT meets all requirements of international olfactometry standards.
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Sitio web: SRA Instruments
Short Description: Portable 8 ports olfactometer, fully automated made in Italy and presented for the first time in the Nose 2014 that took place in Venice, Italy
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Sitio web: Odotech Inc.
Short Description: Odotech is an environmental company with a patented electronic nose specializing in the quantification and monitoring of odors at odor producing plants. Its OdoWatch Platform fully integrates onsite sensors with atmospheric dispersion modelling.
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Sitio web: Nasal Ranger
Short Description: Nasal Ranger field olfactometer allows for real-time, confident measurement of odor strength in the ambient air. The portable field olfactometer determines ambient odor Dilution-to-Threshold (D/T) concentration objectively with your trained nose.
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Short Description: Portable Olfactometer 4 panel port - According to the EN 13725: 2003 - Fully automated to operate with 29 dilution steps Easy to use and maintain Integrated management on quality controls (panelists and laboratory)
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