Sitio web: PROGRESS r.l
Short Description: Progress S.r.l.offers odour analysis through dynamic olfatometric analysis, electronic noses and chemical analysis. But they also simulate odour dispersion and offer environmental, legal and civil consulting service.
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Sitio web: U R S
Short Description: Multinational enterprise, experts in environmental engineering and consulting since 1996 for private and public organizations. Counts with a wide experienced team in emision/inmision, modelling and quantification of health damages cased by odours.
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Sitio web: Air Spectrum
Short Description: Air Spectrum manufactures odour control and dust suppression equipment, providing olfactometry services, sample testing, category odour scaling, sampling & analysis and odour dispersion modelling reports, liquid neutralisers and dispersal equipment.
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Short Description: TECHNISIM CONSULTANTS offers solutions in order to fulfill the pertinent legislation through innovative simulation and modelisation techniques.
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Sitio web: Passair.org
Short Description: Passair.org offers methods and purification techniques, proven characterization methods in certified laboratory, purification techniques, tested and designed for industrial and community applications including domestic air and HVAC.
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Sitio web: Italcave S.p.A
Short Description: Nosy è stato creato per poter segnalare, l'intensità dell'odore emesso dalla discarica di cui sopra. L'obiettivo di questa applicazione mobile è quello di ridurre al minimo le emissioni di odori forti grazie alle segnalazioni dei cittadini.
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Sitio web: Ortelium
Short Description: Ortelium es un atlas dinámico que recoge, visualiza y analiza datos de la IO y de fuentes humanas. Proporciona información sobre el impacto de los acontecimientos pasados, presentes y futuros.
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Sitio web: OdourCollect
Short Description: OdourCollect provides a tool to empower citizens, who are suffering from regular odour nuisance, to report the incidence to the world. Odour maps are build based on crowd-sourced odour reports to calculate frequencies and levels of nuisance.
Product Image: thumb_odourcollectimagen
Sitio web: Nose
Short Description: Nose è la nuova applicazione scaricabile sul vostro smartphone che permetterà ai cittadini delle tre zone della Sicilia ad alto rischio ambientale (Priolo, Milazzo e Gela) di segnalare eventuali molestie olfattive percepite.
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Sitio web: Odortel
Short Description: Odortel è una piattaforma innovativa che permette di monitorare la presenza di cattivi odori grazie alle segnalazioni della popolazione e di determinare l'impatto olfattivo delle fonti odorose.
Product Image: thumb_odortel
Sitio web: Geonose
Short Description: Geonose is an odour monitoring system whose "sensors" are people. Through an application for smartphones and tablets that can be used directly by examiners in the field, it allows to provide a measure of the geolocalized odor.
Product Image: thumb_geonose-imagen
Short Description: Over the last few years, a series of odour events have occurred in the urban areas around the Huelva Estuary. The UHUolor App aims to create a map of smells with the data provided by citizens.
Product Image: thumb_uhuolorimagen
Sitio web: Odocity-map
Short Description: Odocity-map, is a software in web format, which allows to collect objectively the complaints of residents of a municipality, caused by bad odors.
Sitio web: Odor-GIS
Short Description: Odor-GIS™ es un sistema de inspección de olores que proporciona a la parte interesada una muestra visual del patrón de aire oloroso con respecto a un sitio seleccionado para que su efecto pueda ser determinado y qué acción correctiva debe ser t
Product Image: thumb_odor-gis-imagen

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