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Sitio web: Uniqfill Air
Short Description: For more than 15 years, Uniqfill has been your partner in reducing ammonia, odour and dust particle emissions. We manufacture and install high quality air scrubbers suitable for every situation
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Sitio web: Brumstyl
Short Description: BRUMSTYL company is a misting systems and outdoor cooling manufacturer, based in France. Thanks to the injection of odor destroyer in misting systems, they eliminate odors in wastewater treatment plants, decantation basins…
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Short Description: DID CLIM provides an outside air conditioning by fog system. Air quality is regulated in temperature and humidity by spraying at high pressure micro size water droplets. Applications : cooling, climatic regulation, dust and odor abatement…
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Short Description: Haarslev Industries manufacturers processing equipment to customers in the meat, pet food, fish, oil, environmental protection and biofuel industries world-wide. It offers several odor control equipments: scrubbers, RTOs, etc.
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Sitio web: Ozone.ch
Short Description: Since 2000, ozone.ch offers customized solutions, making sure to offer a quality service in a respecting’s context the environment, whether for water treatment, solutions for ozone or air treatment; using ozone to eliminate odors in homes, WWTPs, e
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Sitio web: Oxicrew
Short Description: OXICREW is a company that produces and sells advanced oxidation technologies with more than 10 years of experience. Their equipment are made for odour removal in different kind of facilities: waste water treatment, industrial processes...
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Sitio web: Gee & Company
Short Description: As a leading supplier of odour control equipment, Gee & Co have developed a Total Odour Control Management concept for both Municipal Waste Water and Industrial applications.
Product Image: thumb_imagen_gee
Short Description: The OLFACTIC division of Laboratoires PHODÉ develops and produces sensorial and functional additives aiming to answer every olfactory problem. Issued from their research, NORASYSTEM® is a patented formula, created from plant-based active ingredient
Product Image: thumb_imagen_phode
Sitio web: amplast
Short Description: AMPlast Corporation is a professional chemical engineering company specializing in the design, manufacture and installation of wet scrubbers, biofilters, activated carbon adsorption systems, and the treatment of corrosive, harmful and odorous gas.
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Sitio web: OdourPro
Short Description: Australian company with over 25 years of experience, reducing odours by up to 99.9%.
Product Image: thumb_odour-treatment-and-management
Short Description: Dimasa Grupo, grupo empresarial con sede en España y filial en México, es líder en el sector de la fabricación de equipos y depósitos de poliéster reforzado con fibras de vidrio (PRFV). Somos especialistas en el tratamiento de malos olores.
Sitio web: Lechler France
Short Description: Lechler develops and manufactures precision nozzles for various applications, for example, in the environmental field, for gas treatment.
Product Image: thumb_imagen_lechler
Sitio web: Solvay SA
Short Description: Solvay is a company that has developed numerous sustainable technologies and solutions that industrial operators can rely on, for example, using deodorants for air cleaning.
Product Image: thumb_imagen_solvay
Sitio web: E.I.Tech
Short Description: This german company's buisness consists in construction, building, turn-key assembly and commissioning flue gas purification (denitrification, desulphurization, dust removal, combustion...)
Product Image: thumb_imagen_eitech
Sitio web: bionik website
Short Description: BIONIK filter systems GmbH, designs and implements projects in the field of environmental engineering. BIONIK has built hundreds of exhaust gas- and air purification plants based on biotechnologies and other technologies
Product Image: thumb_bionik_biofilter

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