Short Description: For over twenty years, Pacwill Environmental has been providing quality air and process gas measurement equipment including dedicated service and support.
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Sitio web: Passair.org
Short Description: Passair.org offers methods and purification techniques, proven characterization methods in certified laboratory, purification techniques, tested and designed for industrial and community applications including domestic air and HVAC.
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Short Description: PCE Instruments is a manufacturer and global supplier of precision measuring instruments to all industries.
Short Description: The OLFACTIC division of Laboratoires PHODÉ develops and produces sensorial and functional additives aiming to answer every olfactory problem. Issued from their research, NORASYSTEM® is a patented formula, created from plant-based active ingredient
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Sitio web: Plastoquímica
Short Description: We offer the most advanced technologies in the deodorization field: Chemical oxidation-neutralizing; Wet ozone oxidation; Adsorption with activated carbon; Biofilters; BioGrit biomass support.
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Short Description: Porter Odor Science can provide services related to odor sampling, monitoring, modeling and impact assessment based on 30 of professional experience.
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Sitio web: Olfasense B.V.
Short Description: Olfasense BV develops, manages and delivers top level expertise on sensory analysis techniques and their application in environmental nuisance management as well as product optimisation and material testing.
Short Description: Handle the toughest stack environments with Thermo Scientific™ PRO903 Low Flow Dilution Probe, a modular, external, low flow dilution probe designed for dry-basis measurement that offers significant advantages over typical in-stack dilution probes.
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Sitio web: PROGRESS r.l
Short Description: Progress S.r.l.offers odour analysis through dynamic olfatometric analysis, electronic noses and chemical analysis. But they also simulate odour dispersion and offer environmental, legal and civil consulting service.
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Short Description: toma de muestra según NCh Nº3386:2015, olfatometría dinámica según la norma NCh Nº 3190:2010. Modelación de dispersión del olor de acuerdo a la Guía SEA Penalistas de Campo VDI3940.
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Sitio web: Purafil, Inc.
Short Description: Eliminate odors from sewage collection and processing operations. Prevent accidental releases of chlorine, ammonia and sulfur dioxide.
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Sitio web: Purafil
Short Description: This company use products to remove harmful and unpleasant particles, gases, odors, bacteria, and viruses from the environment to improve the air quality.
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Short Description: PureAir specializes in the removal of corrosive gases, toxic vapors, and odors. Systems are used to protect sensitive electronics and machinery at industrial sites, preserve works of art, and protect people from accidental release of toxic gases.
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Sitio web: Website Title
Short Description: Purenviro offers services and solutions for managing industrial emissions to air, especially odorous gasses

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