Olfactometry Lab Tour 2007

In keeping with the Water Environment Association of Ontario's (WEAO) New Professionals (NP) commitment to continuing education through technical development, the WEAO NP Committee is pleased to present the latest technical presentation and lab tour on the topic of "OLFACTOMETRY LAB TOUR".

This follows the Technical Seminar held on November 7, on Odour Control. This seminar will focus on a technical presentation providing an introduction followed by a discussion of application of Olfactometry in odour impact assessment and control as well as an odour panel demonstration at ZORIX's olfactometry lab and hands-on activities.

Speakers for this event include Dr. Moe Zolghadr and Mr. Michael Rix of ZORIX ENVIRONMENTAL who will be leading the presentation and lab demonstration with the assistance of ZORIX's experienced panelists:

OLFACTOMETRY: the Basis for Odour Impact Assessment & Control

1. ZORIX's Olfactometry Lab
2. Odour sampling & evaluation
3. Odour modelling & impact assessment
4. odour panel demonstration (attendees participate)

Please join us for this opportunity of technical development, networking and social interaction on Wednesday, November 21th, 2007 starting @ 4:30 pm. In order to register for this event, participants must be a WEAO, WEF, OWWA member, or a student registered at an accredited university or college. Individuals interested in attending this event, who are not members of the previous listed organizations, can register by contacting Julie Vincent (WEAO Executive Administrator) at 416-410-6933 or weao@weao.org for further information or details regarding WEAO membership. Please note that all seminars held by the WEAO New Professionals are free for all registered members. A $10.00 + GST fee will apply to all non-members. Please RSVP by completing the Sign-Up Sheet, which has been included on the following page and fax it to Julie Vincent (WEAO) at 416-410-1626 no later than Wednesday, November 7th, 2007.
The WEAO NP Committee has been created to represent those WEAO members with ten (10) years or less experience in the wastewater industry, or less than 35 years of age. Our primary goal is to aid in the technical and professional development of new individuals entering the wastewater treatment industry, as well as encourage participation of New Professionals in WEAO activities.

The LAB TOUR will be held at ZORIX Environmental offices located at 3425 Semenyk Court, Suite 200, Mississauga, Ontario, L5C 4P9, as indicated in the map below.

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