Special session on Environmental Odours in an Air Pollution Conference in Brazil

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Air pollution conf Brazil   The Air Pollution Conference Brazil and the fourth edition of the conference CMAS South America will take place in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil. This conference will include an special session on odour management and is now accepting oral and poster presentations. Due date for abstract submission has been extended to 29 March 2019.

   This conference includes several topics related to air quality and it will have for the very first time a special session dealing with odour management. A very interesting 4-days course on Industrial ventilation will also take place during the event. 

   Most of the research on atmospheric dispersion is concerned with the examination of mean concentrations over a given time, typically minutes or hours in length. However, many studies have shown that the mean concentration field alone is not sufficient for estimating the potential hazards from pollutant releases in the atmosphere, for example in the case of malodour nuisance. Odour is an increasingly sensitive issue and complaints of odour nuisance emitted by domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plants. The problems associated with malodour nuisance occur with sufficient frequency and severity to warrant regulatory intervention. It is therefore important to develop, validate and use appropriate dispersion modelling approaches in order to investigate odour dispersion and provide regulatory authorities with relevant information.

This is the first time that a session on odour management will take place whithin the framework of this conference, so we encourage to all odour managers to be part of session 9 of the event.

   Check the official website of the event here.


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Carlos Nietzsche Diaz Jimenez
Carlos is the editor chief of olores.org and he has been in the odour world since 2001. Since then, Carlos has attended over 40 conferences in odour management both national and international and authored a few papers on the subject. He has also organized a few international conferences and courses. Carlos is the owner a very small company named SVPA and in he spends his free time with his wife and his twins Laura and Daniel and of course, writing in olores.org.

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