Released the preliminary program of the 3rd World Congress of the Digital Olfaction Society

dos conference 2016   The Committee of the Digital Olfaction Society announced the preliminary program, the list of speakers and the demonstrations already confirmed for this 3rd World Congress of the Digital Olfaction Society which will be held in Tokyo, in December 7-8, 2016.

  The Digital Olfaction Society (DOS) hold the first World Congress on digital olfaction in 2013 in Berlin and the second one in 2014 in Tokyo, Japan. For this III World conference, Tokyo will repeat as host of the event.

This time the program is plenty of very interesting presentations. This is the preliminary list of papers for this conference.

  1. Recent advances in human olfactory interface. Takamichi Nakamoto, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Department of Physical Electronics, Japan
  2. Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Biosensors and their Integration with microfluidics towards a flexible array based biosensor system. Michael Rapp, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
  3. Receptor representations of odors. Joel Mainland, Monell Chemical Senses Center, USA.
  4. Intelligent sensing and classification using odor sensors. Sigeru Omatu, Osaka Institute of Technology, Japan
  5. Interconnection between Media, IoT (Internet of Things), and 3D scent display. Sang-Kyun Kim, Myongji University, Republic of South Korea
  6. Landscapes of taste: Continuous evolution patterns for electronic-nose-based analysis. Yanxia Hou-Broutin, CEA-Grenoble, France
  7. Exhaled breath analysis for monitoring of lung cancer patients using E-Nose system. Hyung-Gi Byun, Kangwon National University, South Korea
  8. Presentation of the recent researches on the odor sensors. Kea-Tiong Tang, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
  9. Molecular recognition materials for high sensitivity explosive detection system. Yossiri Ariyakul, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology, Thailand
  10. Gas-phase biosensors (Bio-sniffer, Sniffer-cam) for sensing & imaging of volatile chemicals. Koji Mitsubayashi, Tokyo Dental and Medical University, Japan
  11. Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) sensor system for low cost gas analysis and characterization of biofuels. Michael Rapp, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany.
  12. Mobile robot with odor sensor: recent applications. Hiroshi Ishida, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Engineering, Japan
  13. Wireless E-Nose and smartphone as a personal device for digital olfaction. Jesús Lozano Rogado, Universidad de Extremadura, Spain
  14. Towards spatial augmented reality by olfaction: spatio-temporal control of scented air. Yasuyuki Yanagida, Meijo University, Japan
  15. Effects of olfaction in multisensory communications. Yutaka Ishibashi, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan
  16. Enhancing user interaction with olfactory experiences. Monica Bordegoni, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

 In addition to this very interesting set of presentations, this year the organization has made a call for live demonstrations for this conference. If your university or your company would like to present its innovative product, device or methods, this is a very nice opportunity to make your product available to a wider audience. More info here.


For more info about his conference, check the DOS website here.

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