scentroid sm100 kit   The SM100i uses fixed orifice dilution control and therefore requires minimal re-calibration. However standard, annual re calibration should be performed. As a new service for their clients, the company Scentroid offers their new maintenance Service that includes disassemble and ultrasonic cleaning, re-assembly and replacement of all tubing and seals and a final re-calibration.

   The parts that should be sent for calibration are the dilution System of SM100 (or the retrofit Kit for SM100i), the Face Mask, the carbon filter with the tank valve and all the plates. The annual service and recalibration includes the following:

sesion06 ramos05   The aim of this work is to present a system to monitor odour incidents to detect odour sources in industrial areas that can cause an odour impact in residential neighbourhoods.

   The area of this study is located between two very important spots of chemical Industrial areas in the port of Tarragona, in the northeast of Spain. Nearby these two industrial areas there are 3 fire stations. In this study, the firemen were trained to perform odour field inspections by means of an android app. In addition, the odour performance of the odour inspectors was also evaluated.

P. Ramos* and P. Pindado

Centro Tecnológico de la Química de Catalunya CTQC, Calle Marcel•lí Domingo, s/n (edifici N5) Campus Sescelades, 43007 Tarragona (Spain)

bags odour degradationDegradation is inherent part of odour sampling and olfactometery analysis. There are many techniques that can be deployed in order to minimize sample degradation, such as nitrogen-based pre-dilution and sealed transportation vessels. Despite the best efforts to keep the volatilization at bay - sample degradation has forced European and American standards to implement a thirty (30) hour expiration on all odour samples. German standard VDI3880, and possible the soon to be revised EN13725 standard, limit sample storage to 6 hours unless it can be shown that the sample degradation is within acceptable limit.

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