Nepal Earthquake disaster. Some help asked to the "odour management community".

nepal earthquake   Her name is Magdalena (maddie), we talked a few times as I needed a person native English for the website last year. She was born in Canada and grew up with “the odour science”...  after all her mother taught her how to be a good panellist ;-). I would like to share with you some news about Magdalena Bokowa.

 Many of you perhaps know her mother, Anna Bokowa, a very well known professional in this field who has taken part in most of the “odour” conferences in the last 15 years.


  Anna's daughter Maddie was with her husband Chadd in Nepal hiking when the earthquake happened. They managed to go to a safe place escaping from mudslides and rocks falling. After that they decided that they could not just walk away from the disaster. They started a fundraising program for the locals in the small villages where the help was not available yet. 

   They personally deliver food, tarps , water, cooking oil, etc to the small villages affected by the earthquake but with no help yet from the big organizations as they mainly concentrate on the Kathmandu region, but not in the small villages so far.

   We are not many people in the “odour community” but in case you think you can help, here you have a link to donate

   Please share this message with anybody that might be interested.

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