Our new Directory section is here. Check it out!

directory odours You have probably seen some recent changes on our website. In the navigation bar there is traditionally a "Links" section where you can check links to some interesting websites and companies. However this "Links" section is limited, as there is neither information about contact data nor products and services. We have looked for a dynamic and elegant solution to enhance the information that an odour manager needs and we are very happy to share with you our new "Directory".

   This Directory have several advantages. First you can include your company yourself in case we have forgotten your product or your service. Also, you can put your location and add some contact information. Last, but not least, you can include your logo and a picture of your product/service.

   Isn't that great?


   We are migrating all the data collected in these years to our new directory and we have created for example the biggest catalogue of odour control technologies in the world. We will be adding some more solutions in this catalogue, but instead of waiting for us to include your company, why don't you do it yourself? Select as many categories as you feel like and make yourself visible in the biggest directory made about odour management. Do you want a diluting unit? check the ideas we have collected for you!

   This directory is still under construction and we are still migrating plenty of data from the "Links" section to our new Directory, so there is a lot of work ahead. We have collected hundreds of websites that we have considered to be very interesting for odour managers in the industry and they are all there.

   Finally we have considered that it is important to locate your branches in other countries, so why don't you personalize the language of your entry? Whether you have your company in one country or in another, you have the flexibility now to include all your branches and distributors all over the world!


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Carlos Nietzsche Diaz Jimenez

Carlos is the editor-chief of olores.org and has been in the odour world since 2001. Since then, Carlos has attended over 90 conferences in odour management, both national and international and authored a few papers on the subject. He has also organized a few international meetings and courses. Carlos owns a small company named Ambiente et Odora (AEO). He spends his free time with his wife and his twins, Laura and Daniel, and of course, writing on olores.org.

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