Ortelium silver    We are happy to announce that Ortelium partake in the 9th international conference on Odours and VOCs in Bilbao, Spain on the 26th and 27th of October as a Silver Sponsor. We would like thank them and welcome Ortelium's team to the conference!

    Ortelium is a dynamic atlas that collects, visualises and analyses data from IoT and human sources. It provides infromation on the impact of past, current and future events. Its platform allows to combine, streamline and cross-reference different data channels, to establish a more meaningful picture of the environmental situation.

Silver Nasapp   The Eurecat technology centre is a new Silver Sponsor of the 9th IWA Odours & VOCs/Air Emissions Conference, which will take place on 26-27 October this year in Bilbao, where the NasApp service will be presented. NasApp consists of a web manager and pioneering collaborative application that collects data from citizens to generate odour maps to help tackle and resolve odour pollution episodes. Visitors will be able to see how NasApp works and how it can be used at the Eurecat stand.

   Eurecat provides companies with differential technology and advanced knowledge to respond to their innovation needs, with the aim of boosting their competitiveness and contributing to the change towards a more efficient and sustainable production model. To this end, it covers the digital, industrial, biotechnology and sustainability areas, from which it provides services to nearly 2,000 companies.

rubix silver.redimensionado   We are happy to announce that Rubix Senses & Instrumentation will become a Silver Sponsor for the 9th international conference on Odours and VOCs in Bilbao, Spain on the 26th and 27th of October. We would like thank them and welcome them to the conference!

    Rubix S&I provides environmental intelligence solutions based devices for outdoor and indoor spaces. Their solutions help decision makers improve their environments through the use of sensors capable of anaylizing and monitoring both air quality and nuisances (gas, odors, particles, lights, sounds, …). Through their unique ability to digitize the human senses, they reveal the ambient conditions of an environment (indoor or outdoor). By making the invisible visible, they provide their clients with actionable data to take action and improve their processes and operations