Second year of the Master on Odour Management given by the University of Valparaiso

odour b learning master university valparaiso 2020   The Chilean Catholic University of Valparaiso is launching the second undergraduate Degree on Management, Control and Evaluation of atmospheric odour emissions. This was, to our knowledge, the first official Degree given by a University on odour management and it was so successful that the initiative is taken place again this year. The Degree on Odour Management will be given on the modality of blended-learning (b-learning) with both in-person and on-line formal education.

   This Official Degree in Management, Control and Evaluation of Atmospheric Odour emissions, has been designed and developed by the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaiso (PUCV). The content of this Degree has been configured to prepare the students to learn new abilities, related to different areas of the environmental engineering, so that they can set strategies for a better odour management inside their organizations

   This course will start in April and will take 100 hours divided in 4 modules.

  • Module I: Evaluation and quantification of odour sources.
  • Module II: Dispersion modelling and evaluation of odorant impact.
  • Module III: Prevention and mitigation of atmospheric odour emissions.
  • Module IV: Applicable Legislative tools.

   Deadline for Registration for this Degree is mid- March.

   Learn more about this Decree in the official website. Alternatively, you may ask for more info here.

   For more info contact the coordinator here.


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