A successful WEF Odors and Air Pollutants Conference 2023 in Charlotte, USA

   The WEF conference took place last week in Charlotte, and it must be said that it was once again a success. It was such a success, that almost 1000 people attended this new edition with the WEF biosolids committee.

   Over 800 attendees came from the biosolids side, and just over 170 attended from the odor management side. Both conferences took place simultaneously and with parallel sessions, so sometimes it was very complicated to choose which presentation to attend, as there were occasions when at the same time there were four interesting presentations!

   As always, the organization was exquisite, and attention was paid to every detail. We want to congratulate the WEF and the entire organizing committee for their fantastic job.

   Now it will be time to read the more than 500 pages of proceedings of the odor part and the more than 1000 pages of the biosolids part. So there is reading for a few months.

   The conference actually started the day before with a workshop on odor fundamentals.

   The next day the conference started with an Opening General Session with fascinating talks by Mike McGinley, Javier Climent, and Marc Deshusses.

   The sessions were as follows:

  1. Opening General Session
  2. Measuring and Mitigating Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Wastewater Treatment.
  3. Community Relations and Odor Complaints.
  4. You Can't Manage What You Can't Measure
  5. International Handbook on Odor Dispersion Modeling
  6. Collaborative Improvements: Owner, Vendor, and Consultant Perspectives on Optimizing a System Wide Collection System Odor and Corrosion Control Program.
  7. Dispersion and Ventilation Modeling
  8. A 360 Approach: Increasing the Life of Infrastructure Assets
  9. Model, Monitor, and Treat: Controlling Collection System Odors
  10. Bacteria and Synthetic Media: A Match Made in Odor Heaven
  11. Beyond the Odor Nuisance: Airborne Pollutant Emissions.
  12. Plant & Interceptor Vapor Phase Planning Controls Odors/Corrosion.
  13. Just When You Thought There Was Nothing New: Odor Innovation
  14. How to Be a Good Neighbor – A YP Perspective

   For more info on all the presentations and to get a general idea of this conference, look at the program, or even better, buy the conference proceedings.

   As always, sharing this biannual conference with so many colleagues and friends was a pleasure, and we are already looking forward to the next WEF conference.


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