New International Congress of the DOS in Tokyo, Japan, 8-9 December 2014

dos 2014 world congress   The Digital Olfaction Society (DOS) hold the first congress on digital olfaction in 2013 in Berlin, Germany. Looks like it was very successfull as just  a bit more than a year later they are organizing a new event. This time, DOS is organizing an international congress inTokyo, Japan between the 8 and 9th of December 2014.

The aim of the Second DOS World Congress 2014 is to discuss:

  •      The advances of digital olfaction Research & Development
  •      The practical applications of digital olfaction
  •      The impact of these applications on our life and  lifestyle

DOS World Congress 2014 will highlight:

  •     The interdisciplinary sciences related to Olfaction and Digital olfaction.
  •     The way in which we can transfer the concrete breakthroughs of Research & Development towards industrial applications concerned by digital olfaction.
  •     How to design and extend the applications of digital smell technologies to everyday life.

Why attend DOS World Congress 2014?

   People who are interested in digital olfaction are invited to join this congress to gather the information of recent progress, share it with others and spread the information all over the world. Moreover, participants are encouraged to show demonstrations as well as presentations since we can share the experience of digital olfaction together. The goal of this congress is to establish the international link related to digital olfaction among a variety of fields such as biology, medicine, computer science, electronics, chemistry, mechanical engineering, psychology, art etc.

    For more information about this congress check their website here:


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