IMT Ales   The University IMT Mines Alès, sited in Alès, France, offers a PhD scholarship for a student to work on improvements of FIDOL factors approach. The candidate must have some skills in computer sciences for data treatment (typically multicriteria analysis) and an interest for perception/assessment of air quality.

   The duration of this PhD scholarship is 3 years, starting on October 2022, with evaluation of the results each year to validate the continuation of the project. The title of this project is “Perception of Potentialities or Existence of Odour Nuisances in the Environment: Comparison of Approaches based on Objective or Subjective Factors”.

PT2022Intercind   InterCinD, an independent business unit of the Italian company Lab Service Analytica Srl has opened the registration for the annual Proficiency Test for Olfactometry based on the new EN 13725:2022. European olfactometric laboratories are invited to participate in this edition to confirm compliance with the performance criteria.

   The measurements for the proficiency test will be carried out between October and November 2022. If your lab is interested in participating in this interlaboratory proficiency test, you are encouraged to confirm your participation the soonest.

book environmental odour 2022   The usually active open access journal Atmosphere of MDPI, has just published a new interesting book on Environmental Odour edited by Günther Schauberger, Martin Piringer, Chuandong Wu and Jacek Koziel. This book is a reprint of articles previously printed in other special issues, and it is available to download for free here.

    The book, “Environmental Odour”, comprises one review and nine original papers, and it is the follow up of other special editions published in the past, such as this one and this one. For any odour manager interested in staying up to date on this issue, this is a very good starting point.

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