WindRose PRO3. The Wind Rose program from enviroware with a very special price for you now.

wind rose pro3   A fundamental operation performing odor impact assessment is the analysis of meteorological data, particularly wind direction and speed. Such an analysis allows for example to evaluate the number of calms, which may give raise to high concentration values, and to spot possible errors in meteorological data before using them in an atmospheric dispersion models. Moreover, the determination of the prevailing wind direction allows to understand if possible sources are generally upwind of the potential receptors.

   Software tools capable to visualize the wind data easily and in a very short time are therefore very important, because they allow to perform quality assurance before using the data in dispersion simulation models.


   WindRose PRO3 is a Windows application from enviroware for analyzing and plotting wind roses starting from several meteorological data format. It may also plot any other directional variables, therefore it is very easy to create, for example,odor concentration roses or “complaining roses”.

   A three-variable raw-data plot can also be produced using wind direction, wind speed and concentration values. This kind of plots uses a polar coordinate system: the distance of each point from the center is determined by the wind speed, the angle from North in clockwise direction is determined by the wind direction, and the color/size of the point depends on the concentration level.Such a plot may be a useful tool to identify the presence and the approximate position of unknown sources.

  discount Among the data format loaded by WindRose PRO3 there are: AERMOD surface, CALMET 5.8 and CALMET 6 surface, ISC3ST, TD-1440, Typical Meteorological Year (TMY2 and TMY3),ASCII fields delimited, Microsoft Excel (XLS and XLSX),NOAA ISH (Integrated Surface Hourly) or ISD (Integrated Surface Data).

   Wind roses can be saved in many raster formats (png, jpg, etc.) and exported as KML files for Google Earth, DXF for CAD environments, and SHP for GIS environments. Input data can be date/time filtered according to year, month, day of the week, hour of the day or day/night hours

   Numerical results can be exportedin Microsoft Excel format. Depending on the nature of the input data and the user options, they may include data distributions, circular statistics, theoretical wind power distribution, crosswind, headwind and tailwind, wind erosion emission factors for PM30, PM15, PM10 and PM2.5, monthly distribution, etc. Some charts (typical day, percentile distribution, and others) are automatically built inside the exported Excel file.

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