Last Friday the GOAA became a new odour regulation in Germany

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goaa taluft    The German Guideline on Odour in Ambient Air (GOAA) has been around for a good couple of decades, but it was just this... a Guideline. There were no  general odour limits in the German main legislation on ambient air (TA Luft). During the last years, the GOAA has been fully accepted at court as a regulatory system, so this was the logical step forward.

   Last Friday the Federal Council of Germany modified the TA Luft and now the odour impact criteria set in the GOAA is incorporated into the TA Luft, meaning that the GOAA is no longer a Guidance, but it has just become an odour regulation. That is, now in Germany there is a regulatory limit of 1 odour hour in ambient air that cannot be exceeded more than 876 hours a year in residential areas.

   Also for industrial areas, the limit of 1 odour hour cannot be exceeded more than 1314 hours.

   This is, to our knowledge the first general limit of odour in ambient air in Europe as it applies to any activity that is potential odour pollutant and to all sectors.

   The fact that the GOAA is not just a Guidance, but now it is incorporated into the TA Luft, has given the power to the German Environmental Public Offices to enforce a regulation. In the past, if the expert or the regulator didn’t take the GOAA into account, the German Courts would act stating that the GOAA was to be applied. As a consequence, it was included in the TA Luft to guarantee a uniform application all over Germany.

   Also, there are many specific odour regulations included in the TA Luft now, that were within the GOAA, but this requires a bit of a longer article.

   From we would like to say congratulations to the people that got this first general regulation of odour levels in ambient air.

   Learn more here.

 Edited: 07/06/2021

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